Democrat Lawmaker Slams Former Secretary Of Defense

Journalism is a rough draft of history. That was a phrase drummed into various journalism classes back in the day. When it comes to any splashy event that runs on news programming for days and even weeks on end, it is not uncommon to find out the original version ofContinue Reading

Democrats Fume As Republicans Refuse To Play

It seems to be a time-honored tradition in Washington that bills of all varieties are rarely ever single issue endeavors. In fact, most bills that are shepherded through Congress are weighed rather than read and confected by lobbyists who then go looking for a sponsor or two to actually proposeContinue Reading

Rand Paul Tears Fauci A New One

For those who have been following independent research and journalism, the exact moment that little Tony Fauci perjured himself on national television was perfectly plain. In the past few weeks, specific information has surfaced that Fauci and company were funding the Wuhan Lab where the whole SARS-Corona-19 virus supposedly wasContinue Reading

Biden Promises Free Lyft Or Uber Rides

So intent is the Biden administration to have as many Americans as possible inoculated with the “COVID” injections, they are now claiming they will be coordinating with Uber and Lyft to transport those who do not have access to transportation to get their doses of the experimental, messenger RNA shotsContinue Reading

Biden Insults Police In Statement As National Police Week Begins

Determined as ever to be sure that no one forgets “Black Lives Matter,” during the week that Americans celebrate police and their families for the sacrifices made to be sure that we are all safe in this country, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden decided to take a swipe at those veryContinue Reading

Venice Beach Boardwalk Destroyed

With all of the craziness in the United States happening around law enforcement officers and the battles against them from Democrat lawmakers, challenges are popping up all over the country. New York City is rapidly returning to the dangerous cesspool it was in the 1980s, and now so are partsContinue Reading

Frustrated Democrat From Arizona

Usually, the Democrats pretty much march in lockstep when it comes to publicity. They may have their differences in the smoky backroom, but not in front of the cameras which is why Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema slamming Biden and his people over the border crisis between the United States andContinue Reading

White Farmer Sues Biden Administration For Racism

Sometimes, the whole race-baiting industry gets it just desserts. Recently, the Biden people have put forth a COVID-19 loan forgiveness program for farmers. The catch is that to qualify, the farmer cannot be white. So. one disabled farmer in Wisconsin has chosen to join a few others and is suingContinue Reading

California Bar Owner Busted

And so it begins. As soon as the idea was floated that people around the world, including the United States, would be required to show proof of having been “vaccinated” with one of the experimental COVID-19 shots in order to travel, work or otherwise participate in life, it was aContinue Reading