Liberal Loons Triggered By Ricky

No good deed goes unpunished. For months, Kyle Rittenhouse, a young man caught in the middle of a fight certainly not of his own making, languished in a Wisconsin jail while cash was raised for a $2 million bond. He was being held on murder charges when a video ofContinue Reading

As if we Americans needed more evidence of the rules are for thee and not for me when it comes to our “elected” representatives, a story surfaced this week that puts the practice into crystal clear perspective. Incoming freshman Republican from Colorado, Lauren Boebert, who primaried Rep. Scott Tipton forContinue Reading

Remember when, back before the actual election, and all the counting, recounting, and voter fraud fiascoes, the hot topic was Hunter Biden’s laptop and all the information on it that was supposed to be incriminating evidence of violations of the Logan Act, money laundering and more? Well, it seems thatContinue Reading

Once again, great journalist wannabe, Carl Bernstein is trying to shoot the moon for glory riding the coattails of others, and those he thinks he’s riding with deny his claims. Over the weekend, the sidekick of Bob Woodward sent out a series of tweets in a thread and claimed thatContinue Reading

Earlier in the week, we brought to our readers an internet rumor about the United Stated recovering a server related to the 2020 general election in Frankfurt, Germany. In two separate accounts, the recovery of that equipment has been confirmed. The first confirmation came from Sidney Powell, a member ofContinue Reading

The lights had not even gone down following a Trump legal team press conference when the mainstream media was spinning stories that “debunked” the very evidence of voter and election fraud that former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, members of President Trump’s legal team, presented. They “presentedContinue Reading

NOTE: This story is controversial… There are some reporting it is true and other “Fact Checkers” who say it is not true. Given the unreliability of the media these days, we have decided to provide you with what is being said on both sides and you can let your ownContinue Reading

In recent months, a very old conflict between the Chinese and the people of India has literally heated up in the Himalayas. Long a bone of contention between the Asian powers, the high mountains between the two was turned into a hot, soupy mess when it is believed the ChineseContinue Reading

Biden's Man In Texas

For decades, the possibility of voter fraud in American elections has been denied. There have always been reports and rumors, and even the occasional local arrest, but on a national scale, voter fraud has not been investigated, let alone tried. Why that is may well be one of the reasonsContinue Reading

Trump Supporters Confronted

Now that the 2020 presidential election results are being strung out as one computing snafu after another in state after state is coming to light, tensions on the astroturf side of things are starting to mount. Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of Make America Great Again and President DonaldContinue Reading