Not that rational people actually believe that Joe Biden really defeated President Donald Trump in November’s election, but now that Creepy, Sleepy Joe is going through the motions of being the leader of the free world, some of the newbies in Congress are actually speaking their minds on his pastContinue Reading

In the heat of the moment, and without thinking it through, a lot of people say things that they either don’t mean or turn out to not be true. Take House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for example. On January 13 he had some very harsh things to say about PresidentContinue Reading

Over the weekend, the New York Post made an announcement that they would no longer use CNN as a source for their reporting. Apparently, the oldest publication in the nation has decided that what CNN reports is unreliable. So, on Monday, when Tennessee Democrat, Rep. Steve Cohen, famous for bringingContinue Reading

On Friday, First Lady Melania Trump released a video talking about her signature effort to help the children of the United States “Be Best” and the campaign’s impact on the nation and the world. In the video itself, Mrs. Trump says the words: “I want to thank everyone who hasContinue Reading

On the evening of January 14, the night before John Sullivan, a known Black Lives Matter and Antifa operative, was charged in federal court for civil disorder, violent entry or disorderly conduct, and entering a restricted building or grounds on January 6 when a mob invaded the U.S. Capitol, CNN’sContinue Reading

Undercover video just doesn’t lie, and that is what James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas use to their advantage. A few months back, O’Keefe published an undercover video of a woman in San Antonio, Texas, Raquel Rodriguez, who laid out her lucrative ballot harvesting operation. Essentially, this womanContinue Reading