Watch What Happens When Maxine Waters Interferes With A Traffic Stop

WOW! Now I knew Auntie Maxine was STUPID, but this latest move of hers epitomizes S-T-U-P-I-D!

On July 17, 2020, Maxine Waters, a California Democrat representative was back home driving through Los Angeles (Always good when she is NOT in Washington) when she saw a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy involved with a traffic stop and the driver of the car was a black man. Being the social justice warrior she is ever so concerned for her constituents, Auntie Maxine felt she had an obligation to stop…

Now, most good citizens when they think of having to stop when they see a police officer involved with a traffic stop probably think the only reason they would stop to interfere with an officer’s official duties is if they saw that officer in trouble and in need of immediate assistance… Unless your Auntie Maxine… She was worried about protecting the black man the deputy had stopped.

Interfering with a police officer in the performance of their duty is a quick way to land yourself in jail… Or worse!

It was definitely Auntie Maxine’s lucky day though because after trying to insert herself into a situation that was none of her business, the deputy didn’t put bracelets on her and take her on a date to the county lockup for a selfie… Instead, the deputy threatened to give her a ticket for being parked in the wrong place… I’m not so sure I would have been so lenient, or kind… LOL

Auntie Maxine tells whoever it is recording the incident with their cell phone, “They stopped a brother so I stopped to see what they were doing.” Well damn! Someone give Auntie Maxine a badge and show her to the internal affairs office… Don’t worry about returning to Washington for your personal belongings Maxine, there are plenty of people willing to pack your junk up and make sure it gets to you… Seriously, don’t worry… We’ll make sure you get everything…

Good luck with her Los Angeles County Sheriff! God bless you… A grateful nation thanks you… LOL

Have a good laugh watching the video below… 🙂

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