2 High School Students Disciplined

2 High School Students Disciplined For Supporting First Responders on 9-11

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am beyond fed up with the aggressive efforts by liberals to not only condemn the police in America but anyone that dare express support for Police Officers as well.

Two High School football players on the Little Miami High School football team in Morrow, Ohio have been indefinitely suspended for having the audacity to carry a Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flag onto the football field during their Patriot Night program to memorialize the victims of 9-11… Apparently, recognizing the victims is OK so long as you don’t recognize that any of them were police officers or firefighters… Those men and women who lost their lives running into a burning building to save others while everyone else who was capable of moving on their own ran as far away as possible… Those horribly racist men and women with badges and guns… The nerve of these kids to bring attention to them!

In a statement, the school administrators said they are saddened to see the story take such a negative turn. “While we understand these students’ desire to show their support of first responders, they did not obtain permission from district officials. Administrators must act when students break the rules.”

It’s a pretty bad state of affairs when students have to seek permission to express their support for police officers and firefighters on a day when so many of them sacrificed their lives so that others could live… I’d bet my last dollar if they had carried a Black Lives Matter flag onto the field the school administrators wouldn’t have said a word… Except maybe to praise them for boldly showing their support for the movement…

The school went on to say in a statement after receiving so much public backlash that “Little Miami always has–and always will–support our first responders, our veterans, and all who sacrifice to maintain our freedoms.”

Here’s a newsflash for the Little Miami administrators from a Marine who raised his hand to defend those freedoms… The First Amendment of the Constitution doesn’t add the caveat that one must ask for permission to express themselves or to show support for their country… Displaying a flag and expressing one’s support for the nation’s first responders should not be something any American needs to seek approval or permission for… Under any circumstance!

There has been a petition launched on Change.org that secured 19,512 signatures well beyond the initial 15,000 signatures sought.

Little Miami High School should reinstate these two young men immediately and apologize to the American people for taking such action against two young patriotic Americans… It’s patriotic young men like these two that go on to represent the 1% of Americans that voluntarily raise their hand to defend the nation one day… This country needs more young men and women who value such simple things as God, country, and those who willingly sacrifice their lives for others…

Do You Think These Two Players Should Have Been Suspended?

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2 High School Students Disciplined

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