24,000 Teenage Students To Be Vaccinated Without Parental Consent or Supervision

24,000 Teenage Students To Be Vaccinated Without Parental Consent or Supervision

So much for freedom in the Anglosphere where the people used to be able to determine for themselves what is best at any one time and in all circumstances.

Since the entire age of COVID started, to “be safe” many dictatorial measures have been taken to “flatten the curve” and “stop the spread,” but none of them involved injecting experimental gene therapy into tens of thousands of teenagers without their parent’s consent or even supervision.

The New South Wales Health Department in Australia is determined to change that.

A plan to jab 24,000 Australian teenagers at a mass vaccination site raised eyebrows after New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard advised parents to “stay outside the arena” while their children were “ushered” inside by police officers and nurses.

In a video that was clipped and posted to social media, Hazzard told parents of teens invited to get their first jab at Qudos Bank Arena to stay outside while their children were given the experimental shot, which has been linked to serious possible side effects for young people, including myocarditis…

The young people targeted in the scheme were “year-12” students (the equivalent of high school seniors in the United States) who were prioritized for getting their first shot in order to attend school and take their HSC (Higher School Certificate) exams this fall.

Under the same prophylactic language of “safe” and “protection” that everything from sunscreen to birth control uses, the people in charge in Australia are seeking to jab as many people as possible whether they want to be or not. Apparently, the people aren’t stepping up to be shot fast enough for the governments of the world even with all the carrots and sticks and bribes that are offered for those leery of the entire vaccination campaign.

No, that simply cannot be tolerated. The government knows best, they claim.

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