35,000 African Migrants Converge On U.S Southern Border!

Good news can travel fast. When it comes to getting to America and not having to go through the long, drawn-out immigration process – and that’s just to get a tourist visa – people from any number of countries on earth would jump at the chance to jump in line.


The people living on the continent of Africa, it turns out, are no different than humans anywhere else when it comes to that sentiment. According to the nonprofit watchdog Center for Immigration Studies, people of the Republic of the Congo are crossing the Atlantic Ocean somehow and are amassing in Panama in preparation for a surge toward the southern border of the United States.

There are some 35,000 of them.



Previously, reports have come from San Antonio that several Congolese were more or less dumped at a shelter there, and were sporting rolls of hundred dollar bills. When reporters asked the people how they got there, none of them could give a straight answer.

Congo, after all, is on the other side of an ocean, it’s not like the people can migrate on foot. What is even more curious is that they started their journey from Columbia which is on the other side of the Chinese controlled Panama Canal.

What is apparent, given the information in the report, is that somehow the people doing the migrating know about the Sanctuary City issue in the United States and have repeatedly told the reporter who broke the story, Chuck Holton, that there was no way President Donald Trump could keep them out.

Holton also says that the people he talked to are well aware that the system in the United States is backlogged and that many of them are not eligible for asylum. They want to come to America anyway and take the chance that they get here before any laws are changed that would prevent them from being able to stay on the taxpayer’s dime.