5-Year-Old Shot Dead

5-Year-Old Shot Dead By Neighbor Shocking Entire Community

This is such a sad and infuriating but I believe it is one that people need to hear… It serves as a warning to everyone the importance of not letting your guard down and as unfortunate as it may be, parents must always maintain a certain level of suspicion and caution of others to protect their children.

On Sunday, August 09, 2020, in a rural North Carolina community children were playing in their neighborhood… One of them was a young 5-year-old boy was riding his bicycle named Cannon Hinnant… His two sisters ages 7 and 8 were also playing in front of their house.

Next door to the house young Cannon lived in was their 25-year-old neighbor Darius Sessoms… Darius was known to the family… He had just had dinner with Cannon’s father on Friday and was at their house earlier on Sunday… He was not someone the children had any reason to fear… He was known to them.

At around 1730 hours on Sunday afternoon, little Cannon rode his bicycle into the neighbor’s yard and according to a neighbor who was watching from across the street, Darius Sessoms came out of his house, ran up to Cannon and shot him at point-blank range in the head right in front of his sisters then took off in a 2019 black Toyota Corolla.

5-Year-Old Shot Dead

The neighbor who was watching the scene from across the street thought that Darius was playing with the kids initially, but when she saw the way young Cannon’s father reacted after running out of the house and picking his son up, she realized the shooting was real and called 911.

The entire neighborhood and community have been shocked by the shooting. The shooter, Darius Sessoms is known to have had a criminal history but no one in the community knew him to be violent.

Within 24 hours the police located Darius and took him into custody. His motive for the shooting is still unknown.

It is such a shame that we live in a world today where we have to look at everyone, even our neighbors with caution no matter how well we think we know them…

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5-Year-Old Shot Dead

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