Air Force Officer Forced Out For Publicly Criticizing Marxism!

Air Force Officer Forced Out For Publicly Criticizing Marxism!

Most Americans are not at all happy with what we are hearing is happening to the various branches of the military. Far from concentrating on making American Armed Forces a lethal fighting force to face all enemies foreign and domestic, the people of the Biden Administration are foisting all sorts of nonsense into the training.

One Air Force officer called out the directives during a podcast interview and was relieved of his duties for his trouble.

[Lt. Col. Matthew] Lohmeier, an Air Force Academy graduate, gave an interview on May 7 on the podcast Information Operations with host Air Force veteran L. Todd Wood, and he said critical race theory is rooted in Marxism and “our diversity, inclusion, and equity industry and the training we’re receiving in the military are rooted in critical race theory.”

“The language of the training, which most people don’t understand but I help lay it out in the book, was devised by Marxists,” he said. “It’s intended to be divisive and yet we spread it about the military services pretending it’s going to unify everyone.”

Lohmeier complimented Air Force and Space Force senior leaders, but said, “especially because of the climate at the moment, people that sense that something is off with all of the diversity and inclusion training and the language and the coerced speech and all this kind of stuff, they’re unwilling and perhaps because they don’t understand it. They’re unwilling to take a stand against it because they fear perhaps they might be in the wrong.”

“Or they might not get promoted,” he added. “We spend a lot of time talking about Great Power Competition … but we face our greatest threat here at home.”

And that does seem to be the problem with the current people in charge. What they advocate is not excellence in training or performance, but conforming to ideals of some political ideology that contradicts the American way.

However, criticizing the bosses in public anywhere and any time is a sure way to get fired. Unfortunately, it took this episode for Lohmeier to understand that.

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