Airline Refuses To Accept Non-Binary Designation

Airline Refuses To Accept Non-Binary Designation

For some reason, the concept of gender and living with the one that God assigned each of us at conception is hard to live with. Every day, new genders are appearing out of thin air. And now, given the concept that the customer is always right is rooted in the American psyche, stories are surfacing regarding the impact of the collision of these ideas.

Recently, a woman tried to purchase an airline ticket for her “non-binary” child, and the airline in question just didn’t have such an option for ticketing. So, obviously, the mother took to social media to make an example of the airline.

“This thread is the ongoing saga of me trying to purchase a ticket for my non-binary adult child,” she added.

The mother noted that the Transportation Security Administration “requires that the boarding pass reservation match your state-issued ID. TSA accepts X as a gender marker on state IDs. The problem isn’t with TSA. The problem is airlines, like @Delta and @AlaskaAir,” Henry continued.

She said the Delta rep she called to make the reservation “was really trying to help, but she was unable to change the gender designation to X. I explained what TSA had told me about the #nonbinary designation,” she wrote.

“But after over 30 minutes on hold, she told me ‘they’ said it doesn’t matter what the ID says, use what’s on the birth certificate. I explained that the Birth Certificate also says X. I was put on hold again,” Henry continued.

“After some time on hold, a @Delta supervisor in Atlanta came on the line and told me that their system only uses male/female and I can only use one of those,” she said.

“I explained again that my adult child is #nonbinary and #LGBTQ and their ID is X and TSA requires them to match,” the frustrated mom added.

Something is really wrong in this world when what God created is constantly being changed for the world’s satisfaction.

This woman was being ridiculous.

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January 12, 2022 9:19 am

The airline will cave-in to the social justice warriors after boycott threats, civil suits of discrimination….you know the drill of the gaaay mafia…just like those of the BurnLootMurder crowd – because they’re never satisfied, nor happy & it’s always someone’s fault.

January 12, 2022 11:55 am

X = Xidem Moron.