Airman Injured When Military Helicopter Shot

Airman Injured When Military Helicopter Shot At Flying Over Virginia

The federal government has just released information about a military helicopter that was shot at on Monday while flying over Northern Virginia.

The 1st Helicopter Squadron operating out of Joint Base Andrews was flying a UH-1N Huey helicopter buzzing along about 1,000 feet off the ground approximately ten miles northwest of Manassas regional airport when they took incoming small arms fire from the ground.

The incident is still being actively investigated but initial reports are that the Huey was struck by a bullet and it resulted in one minor injury to a member of the aircrew and slight damage to the UH-1N.

Manassas Regional Airport reported receiving a call at approximately 1220 hours from the military aircrew aboard the Huey informing them that they were inbound with an injured crewmember and that paramedics were on the way to meet them.

Joint Base Andrews is home to both helicopter and fighter squadrons and is where the Presidential Helicopter and Airforce One are operated out of providing air transport for the President.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations also dispatched agents to the scene immediately and will be working with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations to determine who shot at the aircraft. Modern law enforcement and forensic capabilities in the United States are the absolute best in the world and the likelihood that whoever shot at this helicopter will not be found is slim…

Someone doesn’t know or think they have ruined their future at the moment, but when the federal agents show up with a warrant for their arrest they will be quite surprised I’m sure.

Reports are that the injury sustained by the aircrew member was minor and they were treated and released from the hospital the same day.

The FBI is asking that anyone who may have witnessed or has any information whatsoever about this shooting to contact them at (202) 278-2000. The FBI also has a website where you can provide information to them about crimes as well at

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