Albuquerque’s Solution Following Shooting Is Mind Boggling!

If you have a friend, family member, or loved on who is a social worker you might want to encourage them to avoid going to work for one of these loony liberal cities that are planning to send social workers out on 911 calls instead of police officers.

Just one day after a man was shot in Albuquerque trying to prevent protesters from destroying a monument, the city has decided that sending social workers instead of police on 911 calls is a good idea… I have seen interviews of people who said they called 911 some 30 times trying to get help to defuse the situation in Albuquerque before someone finally got shot so I’m sure the man who was shot would have been happy if the Easter Bunny had shown up.

I’m not suggesting that more social programs are not needed to help with many of the issues taking place in our society, but the social workers are not police officers and the time for them to intervene and assist is NOT when someone has reached their boiling point… Police officers are frequently shot at responding to calls that liberals living in a world of rainbows and unicorns might think require a social worker instead of a police officer… Google can give people a warped perception of just about anything. Here are just a few examples I found with a simple Google search for “police officer shot through door:”

Those are the sort of realities the police have to contend with… Never knowing how someone is going to respond… Putting social workers on the front lines making the initial contact after someone has reached the boiling point will only result in the loss of more life.

The current situation is bad enough as it is… We do not want to make the situation worse, we need to improve it and putting a bunch of clueless politicians in charge making knee-jerk changes rather than informed decisions based on reality and not talking points will be a YUGE mistake!

Removing police officers from schools is another mistake being made in a number of liberal jurisdictions as well…If the liberals want to utilize social workers, that would be one place to start… Assigning a social worker to work alongside the school resource officer would be something that could actually make a positive difference… In most jurisdictions currently, there are no resources for a child or a child’s parent to get assistance if they are struggling with emotional or mental health issues… The only thing available to them is jail and once inside the jail or prison there is little to no physiatric help available to them there either… It’s really a pathetic situation and one we all as a society are responsible for and one we need to improve.

God willing cooler heads will ultimately prevail and we will take a serious, realistic, and honest look at the deficiencies in our entire criminal justice system and make changes that will save more lives, not cost us more lives… All life is valuable and any changes we make must be for the good of everyone… Including those among us who step forward willing to give their lives to keep others safe…

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section and let us know what changes you believe would improve everyone’s safety… Make sure to click on the “Follow Us” link to receive updates to the website! Thanks!

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