All-Black Regiment Monument Becomes Casualty Of BLM Ignorance!

You have probably heard this or something like it said many times by many people, “These BLM clowns are ignorant!” I know I have and I have even said it a few times and I often hear the argument that burning and destroying things is the only way they can get real attention brought to bear on their cause, etc.,… People who support their destruction always seem to have some excuse or justification stuck in their minds… I can’t wait to hear them justify this though…

It’s going to take some work keeping a straight face explaining to people how destroying a memorial honoring the first all-black civil war regiment honors black lives.

This past week exactly 123-years to the day after it was erected to honor the 270 black men of Colonel Robert Gould Shaw’s all-black 54th Massachusetts Regiment who died attacking the Confederate forces at Fort Wagner, a group of petulant children defacing and destroying historical monuments in the name of the Black Lives Matter organization spray painted graffiti all over this historical monument. For 123-years it has stood as a reminder to all of the vital role black-americans have played in our nation’s history, even during those periods of our history when they were not treated with and given the respect ALL Americans deserve.

This monument not only honors these black Americans for their heroic actions, but it is also evidence that ALL white-Americans through history were not racist. This monument was dedicated 123-years ago during an era when racism was more prevalent and for 123-years it was left alone by everyone… 123-years later and it is destroyed by a group who profess to be fighting for the rights and respect of all black people… I suppose an argument could be made for leaving the graffiti in place and not making repairs to the monument so the memorial cal also serve as a reminder to future Americans the consequences of not educating our youth and the importance of teaching uncensored history in our schools. It is apparent that those destroying our historical monuments believe that anything and everything that looks old must represent racism… Americans are proud of our history not because there are bad things in that history, but because it illustrates just how far we have come and all of the great changes we have made over the years… EVERY nation has bad history… HUmanity has evolved… We should all be proud and thankful… And we should never forget or we could end up repeating those mistakes.

The backside of this monument that was erected on May 31, 1897 list the names of all 270 men who sacrificed their lives to preserve this great nation. Most notably of these men is the name of Sgt. William Harvey Carney who went into battle carrying the American flag. Sgt. Carney was shot seven times but held on to that flag to the end, never once dropping it and became the first black-American to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

Today, this great memorial honoring the lives of these great Americans is covered with things like “ACAB” (All Cops Are Bastards), “No Justice No Peace,” and “Police are Pigs.” What a pathetic shame and total lack of respect for these truly honorable black-Americans.

There is a 1989 movie called “Glory” that depicts the exploits and heroic actions of these great Americans if you are interested in learning more about the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. There are several books written about the 54th as well… All Americans that are truly interested about how racism has evolved in America and the critical role in preserving the Republic our founders left us with should learn about this unit.

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