Amateur Pedo Hunters Capture Executive Pervert

Amateur Pedo Hunters Capture Executive Pervert

When it comes to catching and punishing people who abuse children in all sorts of ways, Americans will do what it takes to protect the kids. In the San Diego area, a group known as People v. Preds has taken to opening accounts on online hook-up apps posing as minors, and later films when the adult tries to meet up with the kid.

Last week, People v. Preds published a video of a “Jeff” who turned out to be George Cacioppo, a senior executive in the Playstation division of Sony. He thought he would be meeting a fifteen-year-old boy he “found” on Grindr.

In the video, a cameraman is seen walking down a street at night toward a house. A person who appears to be Cacioppo, wearing a PS5 shirt, is standing outside the house. The cameraman then speaks to Cacioppo, referring to him as “Jeff.” As the cameraman asks more questions, Cacioppo walks back into the house and closes the door while refusing to answer. The cameraman proceeds to start yelling that he will call the police.

The video went viral over the weekend and has yielded results.

“We are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment,” Sony said Sunday in a statement to CNET…

Adam Sharki, a spokesman for the San Diego Police Department, said “there is an active investigation being led by the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC).”

With all luck, the San Diego Police will be able to mount some sort of charges against Cacioppo as any “entrapment” was done not by them, but an amateur group with nothing but altruistic intentions. The reality is that defending the children is everyone’s job, and at least some creative Americans are doing something about it even if it involves diving into the meat markets known as online dating sites.

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