America Bestows Greatest Award On Soldier But It’s Not The Medal Of Honor

Some people may think the Medal Of Honor is the ultimate Honor a warrior can have bestowed upon them in America and to be sure that medal is earned by the best of the best America produces, but for someone born in Afghanistan with two children who have no future but war, having the honor of becoming a Citizen of the United States is the absolute highest honor you could receive…

Janis Shinwari became one of America’s newest citizens this week and unlike many of the unappreciative brats burning our cities down and destroying historical monuments, he is grateful and proud to be an American and knows far better than any of the anarchist on our streets today the great benefits of our capitalist republic.

Mr. Shinwari risked his life serving as an interpreter for the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan and is credited with saving the lives of no less that five of America’s finest warriors on the battlefield. One notable incident shared by Mr. Shinwari and Matt Zeller, the soldier he saved when he found him lying helpless, but alive in a ditch. Mr. Shinwari saw two Taliban soldiers coming in behind the American soldier and without hesitation shot and killed them both, then got the soldier to safety and the help he needed.

Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli was present for the swearing in ceremony and spoke of Mr. Shinwari’s dedication to the United States and bravery on the battlefield.

While many Americans take for granted that their children will be born and begin their education at a young age, the thing Mr. Shimwari is most grateful for is that his children will now be able to replace their AK-47 with pen and paper, get an education and have a future to look forward to… In Afghanistan where anarchy is the way of life, there is no future for a man’s children but war… While American kids today are burning our flag and becoming desensitized playing video games telling each other how horrible it is to live in America, there are those that really do have it hard… Those that really are disadvantaged… Kids that don’t have the luxury of playing Rambo on some computer video game… There are places like Afghanistan where fathers have to put real weapons of war in their children’s hands and teach them to kill as a matter of survival…

Please take the time to watch the brief video of Mr. Shinari below and if you know any young brat that’s part of these groups of clowns destroying our national monument because they think they are oppressed, share it with them… Who knows, maybe they might pause and think for a minute… Unlikely, but we should never give up…

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