Americans Cling To Their Guns

Americans have a God-given right to own firearms as enshrined by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution! The implication of the latest figures from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is that we intend to use it too. It seems that after a record-breaking year of firearms sales in 2020, the month of January 2021, saw even more interest in owning the weapons.

American citizens purchased 4,137,480 firearms, which is a rise of 60% over last January. For reference, in 1999, Americans purchased 9,138,123 firearms for the entire year. Gun ownership has exploded since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest that gripped the nation over the summer. Americans watched rioters burn cities and loot businesses throughout the country. This perfect storm of chaos saw the gun market explode. Last year, gun sales hit an all-time high of 39,695,315, a 40% increase over 2019.

That is pretty impressive even with the staggering numbers of firearms owned by Americans in their own private arsenals.

What is even more interesting is the states where the largest increases happened.

Michigan, Rhode Island, and Maryland saw the most significant increase in gun sales last year. Firearms sales increased by over 100% in those three states. The only state that saw a decrease in gun sales was Kentucky, which saw a decline of just under 20%, but still saw the sale of 3,330,462 firearms. The FBI stats don’t include the number of private sales in states that do not have universal background checks.

It is not at all unusual for there to be an increase in firearms sales in election years, but in 2020, given the “peaceful” riots and the anticipated gun grabs with the Democrats “taking” Congress and the White House, the law-abiding citizens of the nation aren’t taking chances with their safety, and that includes a diverse group of people.

It is just not women and black Americans buying their first firearm. Hispanics have seen almost a 50% rise in firearms purchases. Asian gun purchases increased by nearly 43%. Overall, gun purchases have increased across all demographics, and there are no signs of sales slowing down. Even with the trend of rising firearms sales since 1999, it doesn’t explain the massive jump in sales during 2020 and the first month of 2021.

Japanese Admiral Yamamoto is said to have discouraged an invasion of the United States saying there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. That goes double for our own government.

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