Ancient Stone Tools May Suggest We Have Been Wrong All Along

Recently, archaeologists camped in a Mexican cave for over 100 nights. This took place over several years while they were trying to find prehistoric limestone relics, concealed in sediment deposits on its sheer floors.

Surprisingly, the archaeologists discovered three purposely shaped pieces of limestone in one of the caves. One of the limestone pieces is pointed and the other two are cutting flakes.

Limestone from caves in Mexico might be the oldest human tools ever found in the Americas and suggest that people first entered the continent up to 33,000 years ago, which is a lot earlier than imagined.

In findings published in two papers that had information on the discovery of stone tools, they questioned the idea of when people first came to America on a land bridge linked to Siberia, Alaska, and an ice-free passageway to the interior of the continent. But according to research precise archaeological dating of premature human sites throughout North America, as well as the cave in Mexico, suggest they may have entered along the Pacific coast.

Ciprian Ardelean, an archaeologist with the autonomous University of Zacatecas in Mexico baited an author of one of the articles and said that the finds were the result of years of attentive digging at the Chiquihuite cave in North-Central Mexico.

The cave is on a steep incline high on a mountainside and filled with disintegrating layers of gravel: ” The deeper you go, the higher the risk for the walls to collapse,” Ciprian Ardelean said.

With this new evidence and information, much of North America’s history will have to be revisited.

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