Another Liberal Loon Seeks Apology From Tom Brady

Buccaneers quarterback just can’t seem to do anything right. Usually, he gets picked on for being himself and daring to not toe the party line on the diet, exercise, and even politics, but this week, his crime was really far more controversial.

It seems that during the team celebration, a public flotilla and boat parade in the Tampa Bay area where many people have boats, Brady cradled the Lombardi Trophy, a two million dollar hunk of sterling silver, from his yacht to another boat where a pile of his teammates was gathered while floating in an eighty-foot deep river.

As if sterling silver doesn’t polish right back up after it’s pulled out of saltwater if it had gone into the drink.

But, it didn’t. Tight end Cameron Brate caught it.

‘That was the best catch of my life. Unbelievable. That was the best catch of my life. If I had dropped that? I think I would’ve had to retire,’ Brate said afterward, The Spun reported.

The daughter of the original designer of the trophy was decisively NOT amused.

But he was blasted on Saturday by Lorraine Grohs, whose father Greg Grohs crafted the first Lombardi Trophy when he was the master silversmith at Tiffany and Company from 1967 to 1994…

‘It takes a lot of work, a lot of hard work. A lot of hours go into it. It just really upset me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it was a real football,’ she said.

No one disputes that silversmithing is a lot of work, or that master craftsmen in any craft deserve respect, but the Lombardi Trophy is not a holy relic, nor is it nearly as storied as say, the Stanley Cup, which has been known to end up at the bottom of more than one of the Great Lakes and was once returned to Toronto in pieces after too much celebrating by winning hockey teams.

So, Tom Brady was celebrating and tossed the thing. At least it’s all in one piece.

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