Another Whistleblower Offers Testimony Against Facebook

Another Whistleblower Offers Testimony Against Facebook

Another week, another whistleblower from Facebook skyrocketing to the top of the news headlines complete with public relations details, and an offer to testify before Congress.

Last week, it was Frances Haugen who was introduced to the world via mainstream media, before getting her chance to talk to a Congressional committee in less than five days after her debut.

This week, it’s Sophie Zhang, a former employee who claims to have turned over damning internal documents to a government agency without naming which one.

Now, she’s offered to testify before Congress.

“If Congress wishes for me to testify, I will fulfill my civic duty, as I’ve publicly stated for the past half year. Last year, I testified privately before a European Parliamentary committee though I was avoiding press. My duty to democracy comes first,” Zhang wrote.

Zhang added she had already provided law enforcement with “detailed documentation regarding potential criminal violations” and understood that an investigation into Facebook was still ongoing.

In an interview with CNN, Zhang refused to say what information she handed over and to which agency.

CNN, huh. Another introduction via a mainstream media outlet.

On the day she was fired, Zhang posted a 7,800-word memo to Facebook’s internal forum accusing the social media giant of not doing enough to tackle hate and misinformation.

Zhang outlined what she said was evidence showing how foreign governments were using fake social media accounts to influence the public or manipulate public opinion.

She claimed Facebook didn’t take her findings seriously.

Of course, they didn’t, but they did fire her.

Facebook sought to diminish her findings, issuing a statement saying “we fundamentally disagree with Ms. Zhang’s characterization of our priorities and efforts to root out abuse on our platform.”

Maybe Zhang actually has something.

“As part of our crackdown against this kind of abuse, we have specialized teams focused on this work and have already taken down more than 150 networks of coordinated inauthentic behavior. Around half of them were domestic networks that operated in Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, and in the Asia Pacific region,” the Facebook statement said.

Maybe so, but there is plenty of other questionable activity going on on Facebook, including the censorship of information critical of all vaccines, not just the mRNA experimental gene therapy, the Biden camp, and the reported results of the 2020 presidential election.

That being the case, why should anyone assume that Facebook is anything but a mouthpiece for string pullers.

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