Anti-Trump Woman Who Drove

Anti-Trump Woman Who Drove Into MAGA Supporters Pleads Not Guilty

If the stakes weren’t so high, the tendency for the left, and those who are anti-President Donald Trump to be triggered by any and everything that they deem a threat would be high entertainment.

It would be if the left were peaceful and calm in their opposition to the American people showing support for President Trump, his efforts to date, and his agenda.

But they are not.

Case in point is a California woman, Tatiana Turner, who saw a bunch of Trump supporters gathered, some of whom were carrying firearms openly, and for reasons she claims to be akin to self-defense, drove through the crowd, breaking one man’s leg.

This being the case, the lawyer for Turner has entered a plea of “not guilty” in a case where the accused is being held on one million dollars bond.

“She positioned her vehicle to be used as a backup weapon and she used that vehicle as a deadly weapon, willing to injure and kill those who stood in her way,” District Attorney Todd Spitzer said in a statement….

Turner saw people with guns and feared for her life when she got into her car that was blocked by Trump supporters, attorney Ludlow Creary II said. She was trying to get away and didn’t intend to hit anyone.

“There were actions that caused her to become fearful for her life and that’s when she accelerated,” Creary said.

It is not clear if any of the Trump supporters actually threatened the woman or if she just thought they would if she didn’t act. Apparently, all the incidents of motorists trying to drive down streets blocked by Black Lives Matter participants were part of the thought process, according to “experts” who weren’t there. After all, that was plastered all over news programs for weeks.

At any rate with a record of “felony record for drug sales and domestic violence” the charges of “six counts of assault with a deadly weapon, including one count for causing great bodily injury, mayhem, and two counts of the use of pepper spray by a felon” this case is going to be interesting considering the accused is being called a “peaceful” sort of person.

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