ANTIFA Mob Commits Heinous Act Kept Quiet By Mainstream Media

So I heard about this incident that got very little coverage anywhere much less coverage by the mainstream media and thought it important to share because I want to document as much of this lawless behaviour as possible… No reader of the Free State Daily is going to wonder why bad things start to happen to these lawless anarchist when America’s politicians realize they have no choice but to get control of these monsters.

On June 17, 2020, just last Wednesday, a mob of ANTIFA anarchist gathered outside of the Justice Center in Portland, Oregon and then locked the doors from the outside trapping the employees inside of the building. Once the ANTIFA mob had the occupants securely locked inside of the Justice Center, they began lighting fires around the outside of the building as if they were trying to burn those inside alive.

As the ANTIFA mob was trying to burn the people alive inside of the Justice Center, the Portland Police responded to the crisis… They didn’t send one patrol officer, not two patrol officers, not five patrol officers… What did the Portland Police send while the ANTIFA mob had dozens of people locked inside a government building while trying to burn it down?… They sent a Tweet! Yes, that’s right… They sent a Tweet essentially begging the mob to put out the fires and remove the locks from the doors…

Well, I guess I shouldn’t say they were begging for help, as you can see the Tweet ends with an explanation point… Remove the items now! Honestly though I don’t want it to seem like I am making fun of the police because with the support, or rather lack thereof they have been receiving from the local politicians and Mayor who like many other woke liberal Mayors have completely neutered them and have been preventing them from enforcing the law…

The people inside the building… well, their leadership… are responsible for putting themselves in such a dangerous situation. This didn’t happen on Tuesday because until Tuesday there was a fence that had been put up around the Government Center to prevent something like this from happening… On Tuesday however, the woke liberal leadership who refuse to speak out against these anarchist, thought it would be a gesture of goodwill removing the fence and make the ANTIFA terrorist feel all warm and fuzzy… And we all know when such terrorist feel all warm and fuzzy they just go home and get on with their good Christian lives we learn they all lead after they get killed trying to disarm a police officer.

They should consider themselves lucky… They could have ended up getting an ass beating by the mob like Wisconsin Senator Tim Carpenter did trying to get more footage for his Facebook page to prove how peaceful the protesters are… You do know that most of these people rioting, looting, and burning down a city near you are predominantly peaceful protesters… Right? Don’t let these stories or the videos of mobs throwing bricks and bottles at police, national monuments being torn down, and buildings burning down all over the country deceive your lying eyes… I’ll say it again… These are predominately peaceful protesters…

Truth be told though, because they have been so peaceful they have grown larger, stronger, and more organized… These woke liberal politicians could collect a list of demands from around the country, give them everything they asked for, lunch, and a cab ride home and they would wake up the next day and go right back to looting, burning, and shooting… What we are witnessing has become so far removed from being about the death of George Floyd you couldn’t see a Floyd issue with NASA’s most powerful telescope…Whether you think they are mostly violent or only a small portion of them are violent the truth is they have destroyed more black lives in the last four weeks than the police have in decades.

Only violence will stop these mobs now and it will take a contingency of men who are highly skilled at violence if there is going to be any hope the casualties will be minimal… Police officers are not trained to do what is going to need done.

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