ANTIFA Thug Disarmed And Humiliated {{VIDEO}}

In Seattle Washington, this past Saturday, a young spoiled rich white boy pretending to be an ANTIFA thug found out that not everyone is afraid of the big black evil gun frequently described as automatic weapons of war by liberal morons.

The young wannabe ANTIFA thug and his friends were going about their lawless behavior burning police cars and looting every store they could force their way into when he discovered an AR-15 had been left in one of the cars they were burning.

Initial reports were that after the ANTIFA thug stole the rifle he began shooting into the empty burning police car, but other reports say that did not happen… What did happen though was an alert, well trained, and courageous security guard noticed the moron in black holding the AR-15. Believing the young wannabe thug turned armed revolutionist was a clear and present danger to the public, the security professional armed with a handgun in his right hand rushed the ANTIFA revolutionist holding his handgun at eye level and in an instant the kid was starring down the barrel of death while his new savior quickly snatched the AR-15 from his hands.

The background and identity of the courageous security professional are unknown, but judging from his quick thinking and the way in which he handled himself and his weapons, it’s a good bet he’s had special military or law enforcement training.

As soon as he yanked the weapon from the now Antifa revolutionist turned fast running puss he dropped the magazine and cleared the chamber rendering the weapon useless for anything other than use as a club.

The incident was captured on video and for those of us against these ANTIFA idiots destroying our country, it’s a pretty satisfying 20-second video… It’s one video you are sure to watch more than once and it will make you smile. 🙂

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