ANTIFA Thugs Not So Lucky In Portland This Weekend

It looks like Uncle Sam has finally tired of playing games with these ANTIFA wannabe thugs and he is starting to introduce them to American jurisprudence… Frankly, they don’t have a clue how lucky they are not to be facing a judicial system that they would find in one of the Marxist commie countries like they have been advocating for… If they were doing this crap in Venezuela, Russia, of China they would have just been shot on the spot and left lay for their friends to plant in the ground or left for the buzzards to gnaw on…

The local politicians in Portland, Oregon have pretty much allowed them to operate with impunity for years now and they have grown accustomed to getting away with destroying anything they want and terrorizing the law-abiding citizens in the streets. Up until now, they have also felt emboldened enough to repeatedly attack the federal courthouse in Portland.

While the local police may not be getting much support from their superiors to enforce the law, where federal law enforcement is concerned though, President Trump has made it clear that he not only supports them but wants them to aggressively enforce the law.

Over this past weekend, seven people who are known to be associated with ANTIFA took their acts of childish conduct to the Hatfield Federal Courthouse and there is not a damn thing the local liberal prosecutors in Portland can do to save them.

The United States District Attorney Billy J. Williams released the following press statement:

PORTLAND, Ore.—U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams announced today that seven people have been arrested and face federal charges for their roles in weekend riots at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland.

According to court documents, since May 26, 2020, protests in downtown Portland have regularly been followed by nightly criminal activity including assaults on law enforcement officers, destruction of property, looting, arson, and vandalism.

Rowan Olsen, 19, of Portland, is charged with disorderly conduct, creating a hazard on federal property, and failing to obey a lawful order; Shant Singh Ahuja, 28, of Oceanside, California, is charged with destruction of federal property; and Andrew Steven Faulkner, 24, of Beaverton, Oregon; Gretchen Margaret Blank, 29, of Seattle, Washington; Christopher Fellini, 31, of Portland; Cody Porter, 28, of Portland; and Taimane Jame Teo, 24, of Eugene, Oregon, are charged with assaulting federal officers.

The Hatfield Federal Courthouse has been a repeated target of vandalism, sustaining extensive damage. U.S. Marshals Service deputies and officers from the Federal Protective Service, Homeland Security Investigations, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection working to protect the courthouse have been subjected to threats; aerial fireworks including mortars; high intensity lasers targeting officers’ eyes; thrown rocks, bottles, and balloons filled with paint from demonstrators while performing their duties.

A lot of good Americans have fought and died for this country they despise and want to destroy… Let’s see how much sacrifice they are willing to make for their cause… My guess is once they see their buddies getting locked up and serving prison sentences that are going to last until their hair turns grey, they will start to rethink their conduct… At least on federal property…

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