Arizona Bar Owner Criminally Charged While Protesters Walk Free… SHAMEFUL!

What does it say about the condition of American leadership when Karaoke on a parking lot is considered grounds for citing a business owner for violating terms of re-opening.

Seriously, are the powers that be really all about keeping us locked down for our safety, or to put small businesses and family-owned operations out of business?

That is the pertinent question after a bar owner in Apache Junction, Arizona, received a citation and a $2,500 fine for not opening up properly when she offered to carry out and set up speakers on the parking lot of her bar, Lucky Strikes, strictly so that she could get her business up and running and get her employees some much-needed work and income. Deborah Wohle cleared her plan to put seating and service on her parking lot distanced properly with the mayor of her town, or so she thought.

The police swung by a couple of times, and the officer doing the citing thought differently. He cited Wohle for violating the governor’s executive order and demanded that the gathering be dispersed.

Wohle was given a class 1 misdemeanor and is facing up to six months in jail and that $2,500 fine all for trying to make a living. The mayor of Apache Junction is sympathetic to Wohle’s cause. A local attorney has taken Wohle’s case pro bono.

“The executive order is incredibly unclear,” [attorney Kurt] Altman said. “Nobody knew if they were in compliance or noncompliance or what they were supposed to do. Quite frankly I don’t think the governor knew what people could or couldn’t do.”

In the meantime, Wohle is still struggling to make ends meet and to add insult to injury, she is seeing her customers and patrons frequenting other restaurants that were not shut down for any reason, let alone setting up Karaoke in the parking lot.

This is what America’s liberal Mayors have their police doing instead of locking up those who are rioting, looting, and burning down businesses around the country… Seriously, they need to get their priorities straight, or have someone straighten them out for them!

If you want to support this business you can visit their GoFundMe Page by clicking on this text link.

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