Arizona Remains In Play

Arizona Remains In Play As Armed Protesters Force Polling Location Closed

So far, the 2020 presidential election has been quite the ride. On election night itself, one state after another was called by media sources for Democrat candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, despite the vote totals heavily favoring President Donald Trump.

As usual, the counting had not come close to being over, and just about every media outlet was busy with an election map and declaring states for one candidate or the other, trying to map out a path to two hundred and seventy votes.

One state called almost immediately after the polls there closed was Arizona, long a conservative stronghold. And, SURPRISE, on election night it was called for the Democrat challenger, not President Trump.

Well, as the counting of votes has gone on in Arizona, any lead Biden had on election night as shrunk considerably. In fact, it has shrunk so much, that the state being called for Biden is beginning to look a lot like a colossal false start, and Trump supporters in that state are not happy about it at all.

The result of the election is still unclear today with several key swing states still in play including Arizona, where Joe Biden’s comfortable lead over Trump shrank overnight, wreaking havoc on the results and prompting a posse of armed Trump voters to descend on counting centers.

And that is just in Arizona.

Every state that President Donald Trump visited multiple times in the waning days of his re-election campaign bid is embroiled in a massive fiasco of counting votes – including huge tranches of them all for Joe Biden that suddenly appear in the middle of the night – and each of them is fighting tooth and nail to keep any sort of oversight from happening. In the state of Michigan, for example, election officials covered windows so the operation could not be observed from outside.

And we the people are expected to believe that in those states where tens of thousands of people waited in long lines for hours on end to see President Trump in person are all going for Joe Biden.

Even Arizona.

We’ll see. This isn’t over yet.

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