Army Chaplain Takes Firm Stand Against Sacred Liberal Issue

It can only happen in the current era. Speaking the truth is “controversial.”

And in the military, too.

One Army chaplain spoke out on what he sees as being unnatural when it comes to the whole transgender issue.

[Maj. Andrew] Calvert commented [on Facebook]

“How is rejecting reality (biology) not evidence that a person is mentally unfit (ill), and thus making that person unqualified to serve? There is little difference in this than over those who believe and argue for a ‘flat earth,’ despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The motivation is different, but the argument is the same. This person is a MedBoard for Mental Wellness waiting to happen. What a waste of military resources and funding!”

That didn’t sit well with the high brass at the 3rd Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) at Fort Hood, Texas as Biden team’s Lloyd Austin, the person sitting in the Defense Secretary seat, supported Joe Biden’s reinstatement of the Obama era transgender policies. An investigation is being launched.

Responding to a Military Times request for comment from his unit, Army Maj. Jefferson T. Grimes, a 3rd SFAB spokesman, said:

“We are aware of Maj. Calvert’s social media post on the Army Times Facebook page. The matter is currently under investigation. We support the commander in chief, secretary of defense, and all DoD policies and directives.”

Grimes added:

“We direct our soldiers to ‘Think, Type, Post’ when engaging in conversations on social media platforms and to follow DoD policies and regulations. When our online conduct does not follow these rules and regulations, we investigate and hold individuals accountable if they are found to be in violation.”

And apparently, once again, thinking that the natural order of things is the way we should think about gender and sexuality is wrong merely because a bunch of men thinks they want to be women.

Take it from a woman, being female is not all it’s cracked up to be sometimes.

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