As Hundreds Around The Nation Are Shot And Killed, The Media Had Only One Concern

I wish I could say I am surprised, but I am not… I am however troubled and angry that after hundreds of Americans were shot this past weekend and dozens killed around the country with anarchy in pretty much every city in America and the greatest concern the White House press corps had today was President Trump calling the Coronavirus the “Kung Flu.”

There were no questions about the young black children included in the 14 deaths in Chicago or interest in the other one-hundred or so black victims shot in the city… No questions about the several killings or shootings in New York or even the killings that took place inside CHOP, the newly established liberal Utopia in Seattle… No, their greatest concern was President Trump saying “Kung Flu” during his campaign rally in Oklahoma over the weekend… Which by the way was their number two concern…

The rally that they spent a week condemning and encouraging people to avoid because of the Coronavirus did not get the full venue of twenty-nine thousand and that was now a bad thing… Why did the President say there would be a million people there, was the President angry because the seats were not full, does the President think this means he has lost support… Blah, blah, blah…

Kayleigh McEnany scored a slam dunk on them right before walking off the podium… She looks in her notebook and points out that there were seven-million people who tuned in to watch the President’s rally… On Fox News… LOL

For the media to promote this narrative that somehow Kung Flu is somehow racist or offensive is absurd… Kung Fu is often mistakenly thought to translate to fighting or warrior or something of the sorts since it is used to describe Chinese martial arts. Kung Fu can actually refer to anything  that requires skill or discipline achieved through hard work and practice… It does not always refer to the martial arts… For example there is a tradition known as Kung Fu tea which is nothing more than a skilful and eloquent way of preparing and serving Chinese tea… It is an art that takes knowledge and skill… Something people spend a lifetime mastering… I suppose if you wanted to get literal with the “Kung Flu” it would mean something like a skillful, or precision virus… Something that moves swiftly and with grace to infect your body… Silly if you think about it… As silly as the media trying to make it racist… LOL

Be careful though, they way these radical liberals have been acting lately they will probably start burning down all the Kung Fu Panda restaurants and remove all the Kung Fu tea and supplies off the shelves… And of course I’m sure Netflix will pull the Kung Fu Panda movie from its service until they are able to place the appropriate contextual warning… Does anyone else feel like they are living in some sort of alternate reality? LOL

If you missed the press conference and your blood pressure has not been high enough lately, check out the video below… The end where she bitch slaps the press is awesome if you just want something to make you smile… 🙂

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