As Russia Plans Invasion Of Ukraine

As Russia Plans Invasion Of Ukraine, Biden Plans To Evac Americans

Build back better.

Lead from behind.

Call it whatever the administration buzz phrase is this time around, in the end, America surrenders, and that is what it looks like the Biden Pentagon is planning if the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border leads to an invasion.

The report by CNN, which cited half a dozen sources, emerged shortly before President Biden held a virtual call with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Moscow’s massive troop buildup along the Ukrainian border.

The planning is reportedly being led by the Pentagon, which has laid out several different evacuation scenarios — including one in which nonessential US government employees are removed and a larger plan in which all Americans are flown out.

The report noted that there was no need for Americans to leave Ukraine at this time. The country’s international airports are still operating and land borders with its other neighbors remain open. The State Department would make the ultimate call about whether evacuations are necessary.

But, just in case, the Biden administration has announced ahead of time that America will turn tail and run, and leave the Ukrainians to fend for themselves against Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Isn’t that special.

Some sources told CNN that the US wants to avoid being caught “flat-footed” and forced to undertake a chaotic evacuation similar to what happened in Afghanistan at the end of August. Officials have reportedly said that whatever happens in Ukraine would most likely not resemble the scenes of chaos and terror at Kabul’s international airport.

That would be nice. So would CNN reveal some of these sources that are telling them all this news?

That would violate journalistic ethical standards, something CNN doesn’t seem to care much about unless it has to do with surrendering to another nation.

Meanwhile, CNN reported that senior State Department official Victoria Nuland held a “gloomy” briefing with senators Monday evening in which she outlined the sanctions that are being prepared against Moscow should an invasion take place.

A strong leader like Putin is not going to care.

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