Circling back to crazy Uncle Joe Biden’s years in the Senate, a reporter at a White House press briefing asked the Press Secretary Jen Psaki a question about his history of proposing what might be considered rather racist legislation, and, well, the redhead started acting like one. REPORTER: Thank you,Continue Reading

This surveillance state thing is getting out of hand. Not only are there security cameras all over everywhere in the United States, and our phones and household appliances listening in to our conversations and more, but now the United States Postal service has gotten into the act of watching weContinue Reading

One thing that is a given when it comes to liberals and education: anything BUT the real facts will be taught in school. While President Donald Trump was in office, there was a concerted effort to keep the projects which re-wrote history out of the public schools. The Biden people,Continue Reading

Sales Of Hunter Biden's Sex And Drugs Tell All Book Surprises Family

Whoever published Hunter Biden’s autobiography to date was sold a pig in a poke. It seems that the investment may not have any returns worth writing home about. Despite a marketing blitz that most writers would give their eye teeth to be dedicated to their work, Hunter Biden’s salacious littleContinue Reading

President Biden Shows Putin He's Still As Tough

Once again, the Democrats are targeting Russia as the enemy Americans need to watch. On Thursday, the Biden camp sent home a number of Russian diplomats and sanctioned at least three dozen businesses for the nation’s supposed influence on the 2016 and 2020 elections even if no evidence has everContinue Reading

Instagram Makes HUGE Potentially Dangerous Algorithm Mistake

Perhaps we share entirely too much on social media. It’s one thing to talk about inane stuff, vacations, exchange recipes, and argue over what makes a better pet, dogs or cats, but it’s quite another when illnesses – any illness – becomes the center of discussion and ends up beingContinue Reading

Nancy Pelosi Goes All Mob Daughter

Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House of Representatives and a child of a known mob family in Baltimore, talked tough this week on Capitol Hill when she told reporters what she would have done if the mob that invaded the building on January 6 had caught upContinue Reading

New Development In Capitol Hill Killing

The Capitol Police have taken some jabs to the chin of late, but one who won’t is the member of that squad who fatally shot Ashli Babbitt on January 6 when a mob of people entered the Capitol Building and tried to make supporters of Make America Great Again andContinue Reading