In 2016, when President Donald Trump was elected, a number of state-appointed presidential electors in Colorado decided they were going to vote their conscience, not with the winner of the presidential election in their state, as the law states they MUST DO. On Monday, the United States Supreme Court slappedContinue Reading

Strange as it may sound given all the “unrest” foisted on Americans in this election year by those counting on We the People being dumbed down enough so as to not appreciate the irony of the ignoramuses tearing down the statues of actual abolitionists when one scratches the surface onContinue Reading

Some liberal media outlets are playing the Trump Administration’s decision to employ an executive order to not so much put a question on citizenship on the 2020 census, but use the power of the combined databases of the federal government to determine the number of citizens in the country aContinue Reading

It really is time for Joe Biden to retire from public office and drive his vintage Corvette off into the sunset. Information is coming to light that makes corruption look like one of his hobbies. The former Vice President and pretty reliable Democrat gaffe machine, as it turns out, isContinue Reading

Elections have consequences. That famous quote from Barack Obama in 2009 has liberals, leftists, and Democrats across the country gnashing their teeth these days. Thanks to not just the presidential election in 2016, but the 2018 Midterms that saw Republicans take the majority in the Senate, all those open seatsContinue Reading

Former President Bill Clinton is having trouble defining the word “is” again. Over the years in the dark corners of the internet, the man himself has been caught on film multiple times enjoying the hospitality of recently indicted for sex trafficking Jeffrey Epstein. On Monday, about forty-eight hours after theContinue Reading

A trio of interesting stories from the southern border, in addition to the footage of the wall being built despite Democrat claims to the contrary, tell us that no matter what roadblocks the opposition is trying to install, illegal immigration is slowing, and asylum seekers from as far away asContinue Reading