TThe 2020 election year and the COVID chaos has affected EVERY aspect of life. Every aspect. Politicians are micromanaging American lives as if the Constitution doesn’t prohibit this. Honestly. Even Church. In a lot of states, indoor church services have been both banned and severely restricted, a clear violation ofContinue Reading

Domestic Terrorist Heartbroken When

It does happen from time-to-time… It’s not often and it’s often not expected when close relatives end up turning in the most wanted criminals in the nation. One notorious example was Ted Kaczynski, a/k/a the Unabomber. Kaczynski was responsible for a lot of damage to property as his mail aContinue Reading

Radio Host Wants Gun

It’s amazing what happens when the people in denial are visited by the very thing they refuse to see.  In Seattle, a couple of weeks back, a radio personality employed by ESPN pretty much dismissed President Donald Trump’s rebuke of the response of local authorities who happen to be Democrats.Continue Reading

If Senator Tom Cotton has his way, revisionist history when it comes to slavery will be a thing of the past sooner or later. He’s seeking to make it illegal to use the New York Times’s wishful thinking known as the 1619 Project in American schools. While the people atContinue Reading

Something strange is happening at Fort Hood in Texas. For the seventh time this year, a soldier has turned up dead. Twenty-six-year-old Private First Class Mejhor Morta was found unresponsive near Stillhouse Lake on July 17. The Army announced this loss on Wednesday. “The Black Knight family is truly heartbrokenContinue Reading