A trio of interesting stories from the southern border, in addition to the footage of the wall being built despite Democrat claims to the contrary, tell us that no matter what roadblocks the opposition is trying to install, illegal immigration is slowing, and asylum seekers from as far away asContinue Reading

On Saturday evening, Jeffery Epstein, former hedge fund manager and known lover of tender flesh, was arrested upon his return to the United States from France. American officials were acting on an indictment, sealed at the time it was final, in federal court in Manhattan. On Monday at nine inContinue Reading

Now that President Donald Trump has the tiger over a barrel with tariffs, the companies lured to the far east, China specifically, with the promise of cheap environmental regulations and cheaper labor, are looking for a way out.   HP, Dell, and Microsoft are making noise about relocating production facilitiesContinue Reading

If the level of money President Donald Trump is raising is an indicator of approval and enthusiasm among Americans for his policies and performance, Making America Great Again is massively popular with campaign donors. So far, Trump has raised more money than any of the challenges for the Oval Office.Continue Reading

Members of the hardcore homosexual community committed to a pure protest in New York City are not happy with the city’s sanctioned PRIDE parade. According to the adherents marching in memory of the 1969 Stonewall walkout, the original pride parade, which was apparently more of a riot, are dismayed thatContinue Reading