Baseball Legend Cancelled For Supporting President Trump

It’s almost as if Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is leaning on banks and corporations again to limit access to goods and services for perceived enemies.

On Tuesday, former Major League Baseball pitcher Curt Schilling, a man not shy about his conservative outlooks and support for President Trump and his efforts to Make America Great Again, announced that his policy with insurer AIG was canceled due to this very aspect of Schilling’s life.

“We will be just fine, but wanted to let Americans know that @AIGinsurance canceled our insurance due to my ‘Social Media profile,'” Schilling tweeted Tuesday while tagging the insurance company AIG.

Schilling responded to a skeptical Twitter user by posting a screenshot from his communication with the company.

“Cut out personal information and kept the relevant part readable,” Schilling tweeted. “But ya, it’s real and I don’t imagine it’s even close to what we will witness in the coming months, years if we let the Nazis win and the fraud is allowed to stand.”

Across the internet, many Twitter personalities as well as independent bloggers anticipate this sort of action from all sorts of different businesses. This week one bank, Hallmark, and other businesses have withdrawn support for Senator Josh Hawley for his backing of President Trump. More of the same is surely coming.

As for Mr. Schilling, he is holding nothing back in reporting what is being done to him and his family.

“If it’s true?” Schilling wrote. “First off why would I lie about some bullshit like this and second? You don’t think they’d be lining up lawyers to sue for defamation/slander/libel RIGHT NOW if I was lying? Hell, I tagged them in the tweet.”

This sort of retaliatory behavior is bound to happen more often under a Biden-Harris administration. It would be best if Americans were ready for such an occurrence to actually happen.

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