Biden Administration Wants This Fox News Host Fired

During a recent Turning Point USA gathering, Fox News’s Jesse Watters took to the stage and delivered a speech, which included tips and pointers on how to interview a hostile subject. For impact, he used Little Tony Fauci as the hypothetical interview subject. In the speech, Mr. Watters used the words “kill shot” to describe the piece of evidence an interviewer should have with them that proves that Fauci’s office knew about the gain of function lab in China.

On Tuesday, Fauci appeared on one of the legacy dinosaur media outlets and lamented that Watters should have been fired on the spot.

And then the Surgeon General appeared on Joy Reid’s show and called for the same.

“I love talking with smart people, General Murthy, but I’m now going to ask you about one of the dumbest people, sorry to say, in public life. His name is Jesse Watters,” said Joy Reid, as Murthy laughed at her insult.

She then read an extremely truncated version of Watters’ remarks to young people at a Turning Point USA conference, where “The Five” co-host used the terms “ambushes” and “kill shot” in reference to interviewing dissembling politicians on video. Some media outlets sought to interpret his remarks as an incitement to violence against Fauci.

“Well Joy, I did hear about the comment,” Murthy responded. “For anybody out there to use language that would encourage violence or speak to violence – not just against Dr. Fauci, but against anybody, especially somebody who is trying to do good for the country – that’s reprehensible.”

These people have never heard of a metaphor?

Apparently not. They want a journalist fired to describe how to interview a hostile subject in what is, essentially, an ambush. And a kill shot doesn’t have to come from a gun.

Joy Reid may like to talk to smart people, but she certainly doesn’t know who is and who isn’t.

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December 22, 2021 9:33 pm

Fauci should be executed as a traitor, just like most of the Buck Joe Fiden administration.

December 23, 2021 12:45 pm

Reid is quite probably the dumbest (of the many) racist on TV.