Biden Build Back Better Cuts Out Religious Institutions

Biden Build Back Better Cuts Out Religious Institutions

Any time the Biden people claim that one of their endeavors helps families and children it’s always best to look at the fine print. In the “Build Back Better” legislation currently being debated on Capitol Hill, it seems that there is funding for schools, and facilities for pre-schoolers, but not if the building itself is primarily used for anything religious in nature.

The bill, which House Democrats are gearing up to vote on Friday, seeks to invest roughly $390 billion in child care and universal pre-K, according to the Education and Labor Committee.

The legislation includes provisions that allow states receiving infrastructure and quality grants to apply some of the money toward “activities to improve the quality and supply of child care services,” such as remodeling or renovations.

But facilities used primarily for religious worship or sectarian instruction are prohibited from getting the funds.

“Eligible child care providers may not use funds for buildings or facilities that are used primarily for sectarian instruction or religious worship,” the text of the legislation states.

The truth on that matter is that federal funds always come with strings attached, so private and parochial schools seeking to remain true to their missions may well not apply for these funds, but to be singled out in the legislation indicates an isolating move on behalf of the federal government.

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) tried to fight the ban by proposing a Religious Freedom Amendment — but it failed to pass in September during the Ways and Means Committee markup, Fox News reported.

“The congressman was disappointed that Democrats wouldn’t grant such a simple request to help our children during previous negotiations,” a spokesperson for Kelly told the outlet. “His Religious Freedom Amendment was an inclusive bill that would have given parents greater choice and allow them to pick a child care service that was best for them.”

As Democrats give lip service to religious freedom but do not appear to practice any religion beyond politics faithfully, why Rep. Kelly would seek this from them is a mystery.

That does not change the fact that religious groups have been singled out by the government as not worthy to be funded.

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