Biden Camp All For Censorship

Biden Camp All For Censorship And Face Diapers

It’s all about getting Americans to give up freedoms until we submit to being the subjects of tyranny.

That’s the bottom line on all sorts of insanity going on at this time in the United States. The powers that want to be, want us all to give up our freedoms willingly.

That’s why they’ve been trying to make us afraid with a virus that has a 99% survival rate, afraid enough to give up our freedom of movement and obscure ourselves the same way prisons used to keep inmates in line.

That’s also why every major social media outlet is labeling any post which differs from the narrative established by the corporate mainstream media as “dangerous” or “in dispute.”

We the people are not meant to think for ourselves.

What this really is, though, is censorship, a definite anathema to the American way of life. And one aide in former Vice President Joe Biden’s camp doesn’t think we’ve had enough of it.

This tweet begins a thread of one example after another of alternative media outlets being critical of the supposed incoming administration (as of this writing, there is no winner in the 2020 presidential election officially declared despite the mainstream media claims).

Well, essentially, the Biden camp and the social media outlets want to be able to control the message going out to the people by censoring what is allowed to be published on the various platforms.

One outspoken Democrat law professor had this to say about that.

“…I do not know when the Democratic party became the party for censorship. However, limiting free speech is now a rallying cry for Democratic members and activists alike. At risk is the single greatest invention for free speech since the printing press.”

That would be the internet and the freedom to post whatever one wants to at any time to add to the conversation.

Turley writes, “Shredding The Fabric Of Our Democracy”: Biden Aide Signals Push For Greater Censorship On The Internet”:

We have been discussing the calls for top Democrats for increased private censorship on social media and the Internet. President-elect Joe Biden has himself called for such censorship, including blocking President Donald Trump’s criticism of mail-in voting. Now, shortly after the election, one of Biden’s top aides is ramping up calls for a crackdown on Facebook for allowing Facebook users to read views that he considers misleading — users who signed up to hear from these individuals. Bill Russo, a deputy communications director on Biden’s campaign press team, tweeted late Monday that Facebook “is shredding the fabric of our democracy” by allowing such views to be shared freely.

Russo tweeted that “If you thought disinformation on Facebook was a problem during our election, just wait until you see how it is shredding the fabric of our democracy in the days after.” Russo objected to the fact that, unlike Twitter, Facebook did not move against statements that he and the campaign viewed as “misleading.” He concluded. “We pleaded with Facebook for over a year to be serious about these problems. They have not. Our democracy is on the line. We need answers.”

For those of us in the free speech community, these threats are chilling. We saw incredible abuses before the election in Twitter barring access to a true story in the New York Post about Hunter Biden and his alleged global influence-peddling scheme. Notably, no one in the Biden camp (including Biden himself) thought that it was a threat to our democracy to have Twitter block the story (while later admitting that it was a mistake).

What it is is unAmerican.

And the Biden camp is advocating for it.

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