Biden Determined To Screw Up America’s Finances In More Ways Than One

Here we go again.

Not content with one of the few presidents who opposed a central bank in the nation and actually survived all attempts to take his life for it, unlike at least three others who were shot and killed, the Biden Administration has revived the effort to remove President Andrew Jackson from the twenty-dollar bill and replace him with Civil War Era underground railroader Harriet Tubman.

Most Americans who have a decent knowledge of history have no problem with Harriet Tubman being honored for her actions during the War Between the States. However, she was not a president or a founding father of the nation.

In the United States, other than the one-dollar coin which is not favored by the people overall in any way shape, or form, only presidents and founding father’s faces are on the money.

That isn’t stopping the effort to replace Old Hickory with a woman who’s life was not nearly as consequential.

[White House press secretary Jen] Psaki added that they are “exploring ways to speed up” the process.

“It’s important our notes reflect the history and diversity of our country, and the image of Harriet Tubman—a role model for leadership and participation in our democracy—gracing the new $20 note would reflect that,” said the Treasury Department in an emailed statement to Newsweek.

History, yes. Diversity? She’s kidding, right?

The entire effort to redesign American money was shelved under Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin who had much more important fish to fry while he was head of the department. He did indicate that the money redesign would be pushed off until well past his term as secretary.

Almost as if he didn’t want to be the person to actually do the redesign.

And the Biden people are busy trying to erase four years of President Trump.

Good luck with that.

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Joel Goodman
January 26, 2021 8:04 pm

we see every day biden proves himself to be a bigger incompetent asshole and fol.