Biden DOJ Lobbies Supreme Court Ahead Of Abortion Case

Biden DOJ Lobbies Supreme Court Ahead Of Abortion Case

Above all else, it seems, the Democrats will not bend on the subject of abortion. As far as they are concerned, at least from all rhetoric coming from the faces of the party, a woman should be allowed to have her unborn child killed any time she wants, and the errand boy known as the Solicitor General has been sent to beg the Supreme Court of the United States – a body with a conservative majority – to beg for mercy for the Democrats who are rapidly seeing states limit the circumstances under which a woman can procure the baby-killing procedure.

The Department of Justice sought permission Monday to present oral arguments when the Supreme Court hears a case challenging Mississippi’s strict abortion law, as it called on justices to uphold Roe v. Wade.

…The two briefs, filed by acting Solicitor General Brian Fletcher, mark the latest attempt by President Biden’s DOJ to “protect the legal right to an abortion,” per the New York Times, which first reported on the court filings.

So, essentially, they want to butt in on someone else’s case against a state which exerted its rights via legislation.


The Supreme Court will on Dec. 1 hear a challenge to the Mississippi law that bans nearly all abortions after the 15th week of pregnancy.

The Mississippi attorney general is asking the court to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that set a precedent for the constitutional right to abortion.

The DOJ was one of over 40 parties to file a friend-of-the-court brief to support the Mississippi case involving the Jackson Women’s Health Organization — the sole abortion provider in the state.

They’re asking for the court to respect the precedent of Roe v. Wade.

Precedent in the way of bench law is not legislated, and therefore, not really the will of the people. States’ laws are, and in many ways, Roe v. Wade was a huge violation of states’ rights let alone human rights.  That alone should give the justices pause when hearing the case. never mind the millions of babies murdered in the name of convenience.

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