Biden Gets Lost Trying To Get Back Into The White House

Biden Gets Lost Trying To Get Back Into The White House

At this point, there is no getting around that the person of Joe Biden is mentally impaired.

The latest example of this devolution of mental capacity comes to us from a video shot at the White House where Biden returned to the Executive Mansion after spending a few days at his home in Delaware.

The man could not find his way into the building even with the Secret Service helping him.
The Hill posted a video on Twitter of Biden walking up to the Oval Office after a long weekend in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. He can be seen walking down the sidewalk leading up to the door.

A few seconds into the video, a Secret Service agent walking in front of Biden pointed toward a right turn into the sidewalk, seemingly showing Biden where to walk.

Instead of following the apparent direction, Biden continued to walk straight and wandered onto the grass.

He eventually found his way to the door after taking an unnecessarily circuitous path.

What exactly a pallet of supplies was doing in the middle of the path, and how the lawn furniture got in the shot has not been answered. Nor has exactly what door he was entering and why there was no Marine standing guard.

But that isn’t the issue at the moment.

No, the current problem is that Joe Biden, as he is seen in this presentation and others of late, is a national embarrassment and obviously not mentally fit to make any critical decisions about the state of the nation. Why he is allowed to stay in office is a question that truly does need to be answered even if the line of succession behind him is not all that more palatable.

It is time to put Joe Biden out to pasture. The sooner, the better.

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