Biden Not Happy Trump Identifying His Strange Behavior With Children

Over the years among conservatives, it has been noted that former Vice President Joe Biden has a thing for the ladies. Specifically, when around attractive younger females, he has trouble keeping his hands to himself. There’s plenty of video and still photos of this phenomenon available to question just how much of his attention his wife actually holds.

Given this reality, when the opportunity came to retweet a short video of just such an event occurred this week, the president grabbed it with both hands:

The problem seems to be the hashtag. #pedoJoe, apparently, IMPLIES that Joe is a pedophile. Given the age of some of the women he’s been seen petting over the years, age doesn’t really seem to matter to him, but he’s definitely into pretty young ladies.

And what happens when President Donald Trump sends this out under his own aegis? The headlines scream “TRUMP IMPLIES BIDEN A PEDOPHILE” and then the stories go on to complain about all the unsolved allegations of locker room talk, and sexual misconduct that popped up after Trump decided to run for president and never surfaced at the time it supposedly happened.

Interesting that.

And then there was this take from a publication called “Bipartisan Report” that doesn’t seem to have President Trump’s back at all.

The retweet game, for Donald Trump, is similar to ads created by political action committees. As long as those ads aren’t directly released by the Trump campaign, he doesn’t have to take responsibility for them.

The paragraph goes on with more disparaging rhetoric, but the reality is that media, almost all media, is cut out of the loop so long as President Trump has a Twitter phone. In this way, he can talk directly to the people without spin, and without giving the media a bunch of clicks to get the news.

It has their shorts in a bundle, that’s for sure, that President Trump is the one pointing out just how “hands on” Biden tends to be around young females.

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