Biden Team Switches Sides In Trump Rape Case

Biden Team Switches Sides In Trump Rape Case

President Donald Trump, before he was in office, was not accused of rape, credibly or not. Once he began to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, one accuser came forward, decades after she claims President Trump raped her. Her name is E. Jean Carroll, and next to no one believed her, because if Donald Trump had raped her in the 1990s, why would she have kept it quiet and not attempted to extort cash from him.

After the accusation was made, and picked up, and carried by the mainstream media, President Trump filed suit against Carroll for defamation. In a highly unusual move, the Department of Justice took on the case for President Trump, replacing his lawyers on the case.

During the presidential campaign year of 2020, the Biden camp criticized this move, and this week decided to keep the representation of President Trump with the Department of Justice.

The Justice Department is appealing a federal judge’s decision last October that Trump couldn’t use a law protecting federal employees from lawsuits for actions conducted within their scope of office.

Details: “Even reprehensible conduct … can fall within the scope of employment,” attorneys for the DOJ wrote in a brief, alongside supporting arguments from Trump’s personal lawyers.

Trump’s response to Carroll’s “serious allegations of sexual assault included statements that questioned her credibility in terms that were crude and disrespectful,” they said.

“But this case does not concern whether Mr. Trump’s response was appropriate. Nor does it turn on the truthfulness of Ms. Carroll’s allegations.”

The case is really more about a woman lying and crying rape when no such thing happened in order to damage President Trump in the court of public opinion than it is about the rape itself for the conduct of a boss. That is part of the defamation angle President Trump is pursuing.

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Major Todd
Major Todd
June 15, 2021 7:24 am

Probably a recognition by Garland that there might be some female victim of Joe Biden, lurking somewhere in the wind.