Biden's Pandemic Doc Zeke Emanuel

Biden’s Pandemic Doc Zeke Emanuel Wants To Vaccinate Foreigners Abroad Before Americans

Before the age of COVID, back when we were just battling the common cold and the latest strains of influenza to make the rounds during the fall, winter, and early spring months, there was a well-accepted protocol for who had priority in getting any new vaccine that was supposed to “fight” the new waves of sickness.

The front line health care workers, those over sixty-five, and those with pre-existing health conditions got the first round.

That was always acceptable for those who take vaccines.

Now, the man who made a name for himself during the Obama years by suggesting that humans should consider not living past the age of seventy-five – Zeke Emanuel – has opined that there should be a shift in the way we think of vaccine distribution:

The paper, published in September by Science Magazine, calls for pharmaceutical companies and governments involved in vaccine production to engage in the “Fair Priority Model,” as opposed to giving priority distribution to the local at-risk population.

Fair priority rather than vaccinating those who would die first in an epidemic.

But that’s not all. No, Zeke wants us all to think globally as if there were no national boundaries justifying any decision making.

With regard to “vaccine nationalism,” the paper warns, “Public sentiment in some countries for retaining vaccine developed within their borders is strong, and many governments will also try to obtain vaccines produced elsewhere. But an ethical framework has broad relevance even in the face of nationalist attitudes.

“Rather than simply asserting that might makes right, governments typically appeal to national partiality: a country’s right and duty to prioritize its own citizens,” it reads.

“What you end up doing is giving a lot of vaccine to rich countries, which doesn’t seem like the goal of fair and equitable distribution,” Emanuel said of the model.

Never mind that rich countries can actually afford the prices for the vaccines.

And this man is on former Vice President Biden’s COVID task force.

It sounds like he’s making excuses for not preventing the infectious disease from killing the world’s most vulnerable people.

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