Biden’s Pooches Sent Home To The Doghouse

For a while, it seemed that one presidential tradition was going to be restored with the Bidens inhabiting the White House. Unlike President Donald Trump who is not an animal person, the Bidens brought their dogs Major and Champ, both German Shepherds, with them to Washington.

To the outside world, all seemed to be fine with this move, but inside the circle of security, Major was not settling into the life of the first dog all that well. The three-year-old rescue apparently was known to lunge at staff and security personnel, and it is now reported, actually bit a security guard before being banished back to the Biden’s permanent residence.

This, of course, is not the first time a presidential dog has bitten or snapped at someone not part of the family, but the Obamas did not send Sunny away, nor did the George W. Bushes did not send whichever of their Scotties that was an issue to the ranch in Texas.

But, then, they were not German Shepherds, which are big, working dogs with a whole host of breed issues at this time including skittishness. They need a lot of exercise and time to bond with the people around them before being trusted not to cause problems.

And so, Major and his best pal Champ were sent home where they will not be subject to photo opportunities in the Oval Office and will not have the White House grounds to use as a place to run off-leash and work off a lot of energy.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is two friends less than he had when the Capitol Building was fenced in, and all his buddies who “work” there were suddenly in an armed camp. Too bad since Washington is one of the places on this earth where one’s only guaranteed friend is his dog.

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