Biden's Small Business Admin Sued

Discrimination happens every day, although not always due to race. Deciding factors could be schools attended, clothes worn, religion, any number of things regardless of the race hustlers telling us that only people of color ever suffer discrimination.

Well, a white man with a Hispanic wife is suing the Biden Administration’s Small Business Administration for discrimination over COVID aid relief funds. It seems that he and his wife, who are each fifty percent owners in their business, cannot receive funds because he is white, and she does not own the majority of the business.

The lawsuit, which names Small Business Association Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman, was filed for Antonio Vitolo, the owner of Jake’s Bar and Grill in Harriman, Tenn., Fox 17 in Nashville reported.

It was filed in federal court in Tennessee by the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty and targets the $28.6 billion Restaurant Revitalization Fund, which is only processing applications from “priority groups”women, veterans, or “socially and economically disadvantaged individuals” — between May 3 and May 24.

Broader eligibility for assistance opens up after that period.

Vitolo said he applied for the COVID aid on May 3 but was told he didn’t qualify because he is white, the suit says.

“Given the limited pot of funds, this puts white male applicants at significant risk that, by the time their applications are processed, the money will be gone,” the lawsuit says.

Vitolo’s wife, who is Hispanic and owns half the restaurant, isn’t eligible under the rules because a business is required to have 51 percent ownership by someone in the “priority groups” to receive the aid.

“I do not want special treatment. I just want to be treated equally under the law. I am opposed to race and sex discrimination, and I would hope my government lived up to the same principle,” Vitolo said in a press release from the group.

The lawsuit itself was filed via a group in Wisconsin looking to help small business owners and farmers in the wake of the COVID shutdowns which ravaged small businesses and small farmers in the last year in favor of corporate chains.

The discrimination angle is just one aspect of the entire fight.

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