Black Kid Pulls AR 15 On NC Redneck And Gets Unexpected Results

WOW! The young black man in this video clearly did not expect the response he got when he pulled out his Rambo stick…

The incident apparently began somewhere along the road before they pulled into the gas station. The white guy is accusing the black kid of flashing gang signs at him and trying to run him off the road… It seems as if the black kid decided to take the white guy up on his challenge and pulled into the gas station with him… My guess is he figured his Rambo stick would scare the white guy and he would take off racing away scared and he would post the video his girlfriend was shooting on social media to show his hommies what happen when you mess with the wrong person… Boy was he met with disappointment.

The video begins with the bearded overweight white dude in white shorts and no shirt advancing on the black kid who expected his Rambo stick would scare the big nasty redneck away, but the bearded redneck lets him know straight up he ain’t afraid of no F@*!king gun… Now I’m not gonna tell you the bearded redneck is a brave man, but I can tell you that he clearly did not give a F*^&k the kid was holding a AR 15. LOL

The couple in the car just happened to pull in at the right time to provide the two road raged loons with a prop to chase each other around while hurling insults at one another… The black kid with the Rambo stick keeps telling the bearded redneck that he would shoot him and the bearded redneck kept coming at him challenging him to either shoot or man up and throw down with him… I’ll be honest with you, the bearded redneck is pretty lucky he did pull a fake North Carolina thug and not some homeboy from Detroit or Chicago because they shoot each other over a lot less…

I’d like to think I don’t have to say this, but just to be safe, it would not be a good idea to challenge a stranger holding a AR 15 that you are arguing with to shoot you… That said my disclaimer is DO NOT challenge someone to shoot you at some roadside gas station for any reason at all… If you want to get in a gunfight, that’s your business… At least you’re giving yourself a fighting chance… LOL

Enjoy the video!

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Gum Boocho
Gum Boocho
July 24, 2020 11:56 am

Evidently you don’t know what a machine gun is. A semi-automatic AR-15 is not a machine gun.

Victor Ernest Mills
Victor Ernest Mills
July 24, 2020 7:00 pm

Pulling a gun on an unarmed man… If a white guy did that to a black guy, he’d be in jail forever.