Black Lives Matter Exposed!

The Hodgetwins are a couple of conservative twins the left loves to hate… Of course the left hates anyone that speaks the truth and points out their BS lies but to have two young conservative black men presenting the truth is their greatest fear of all… If the Democrats lose the black vote, they lose…

In a recently released YouTube video titled “White Lives matter, Black Lives Exposed!” the Hodgetwins expose the liberal Black Lives Matter lie that only young unarmed black men are killed by the police. They do this by narrating the viewer through several incidents caught on video of unarmed white men being shot by the police.

I would encourage everyone to watch this video and to share it with friends and family… It’s very informative, and sad, even though it is presented with some humor… After watching this video I would recommend everyone read my “Don’t fight the police!” article.


PBS Reporter Dares To Compare BLM To A Paralyzed Candidate
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