Black Panther OG Larry Pinkney Destroys BLM Movement

Well it’s about damn time! Finally someone that knows what it was like in America when we truly did have a problem with racism… When segregation was the norm, speaks up!

In this video a member of the Original Black Panther Party schools these Black Live Matter/ANTIFA punks destroying our Republic and lectures them on what a real movement of change is about.

His name is Larry Pinkney and he was involved with the Original Black Panthers who were founded in Oakland, California in 1966… He rips into these young punks destroying our cities explaining that back in his day they didn’t treat anyone badly and that if you lived in an area they were serving you were served as well… He talks about clothing drives, feeding people in need, and providing medical services… Things that actually made a difference. “We served our community, we didn’t burn it down,” he says.

He explains that they used to say in the original Black Panther Party, “do not steal even a needle or thread from the people.” He elaborates even further explaining that they didn’t say go out and burn, loot, and attack senior citizens… That was not their position.

He quite angrily states that we as a people, black, white, brown, yellow… Citizens of this country… We need to say no to all the BS taking place and questions whether any of the “frosters” as he refers to them, know or even care why we call America a Republic…

He says this new movement is all about fun and games and hurting people… They don’t care he says… To them, it’s not about building and serving the people body and soul, but the exact opposite!

He finishes by pleading with all of his brothers and sisters regardless of color to get a grip on reality and stop this madness and insanity and firmly states that those who won’t stop it… Need to be stopped!

Have a look for yourself he makes quite a profound statement and these young punks on the streets would be well served to listen to him!

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