BLM Mob Destroys Another Life

One of the more entertaining aspects of the Antifa violence – okay, the only entertaining aspect of it – has been the number of criminals identified by their attire and tattoos which just so happen to be unique.

Well…the lesson of that mistake not only hasn’t been learned by the rioters, but it also seems that one of Mary Kay’s top saleswomen was with her husband, Linda and Tom Bergerson of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, driving her pink Cadillac she earned from selling Mary Kay products to her friends and more when the couple spotted a Black Lives Matter sign on private property in Minnesota and took it upon themselves to remove it.

That did not sit well with the property owner, and so he put out another sign and set a camera to catch any malfeasance in relation to it.

He got lucky.

Sure enough, the Bergersons got caught removing the sign, and, thanks to Mrs. Bergerson’s signature Mary Kay pink Cadillac, were positively identified by police.

The property owner asked the police not to press charges but did post the footage online, thus touching off a grassroots campaign shaming both the Bergersons and Mary Kay.

As a result of the bad publicity, if nothing else, Mary Kay ended ties with Mrs. Bergerson.

The Golden Rule, respect, and making others feel important are founding values here at Mary Kay and are expected from every independent beauty consultant that represents our brand. After looking into this situation, we will be severing our relationship with this individual.

Yes, for those who know that Black Lives Matter really is a George Soros bankrolled Marxist terrorism federation, essentially, the BLM signs in yards across America are an eyesore. But, just as we don’t like our Make America Great Again signage removed simply for being what it is, the other side does have the right to express their political opinions…and expose themselves for the liberal echo chamber sorts they are.

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