Boy Scouts Virtue Signal With New Merit Badge

Well folks, if you were not already disappointed in the Boy Scouts for their position on homosexuals, allowing girls, and troop leaders everywhere molesting kids you will probably not be disappointed by this either, but if any of those other things pissed you off… Hold on tight because you will NOT like this either…

Under pressure from… Well, no one… they have caved to the Black Lives matter group who while claiming to care about Black Lives is really nothing but a domestic terrorist group that has destroyed more black lives these past few weeks than probably anyone since the days of slavery. The communities and jobs that have been destroyed by their looting and burning minority communities to the ground will have a tremendous negative impact on their lives for decades to come…

Anyway, I digress… Under the pressure of no one, they have announced that they will be creating a “Diversity and Inclusion” Merit Badge in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Beginning July 1st, 2020 it will be a mandatory requirement to earn if you want to become an Eagle Scout.

I can’t wait to see the requirements to earn that merit badge… I imagine it will be something like this: demonstrate the ability to penetrate particle board at least a quarter inch thick, arrange a secure route for looters to swiftly move their cars into position to be quickly loaded and depart the area. After providing an adequate period of time for the minority owned business to be cleaned out, demonstrate the ability to quickly establish a fire that will rapidly spread destroying the internal physical structure before the fire department can reach the building. Extra credit will be given to those who create explosions that destroy the physical structure completely.

The Boy Scouts sent a letter to the families that said the organization is going to require all of their employee to complete “Diversity and Inclusion” training… Whatever the heck that is… And to make sure they complete their virtue signaling project properly, they have committed to reviewing the names of all their properties and scout camps, events, and insignias to build on the Scouts 30-year ban on the Confederate Flag… If only they could erase all the memories of the children molested over the years…

Just in case you were wondering where the Boy Scouts stand they made sure to let everyone know in their letter:

“The Boy Scouts of America stands with Black families and the Black community because we believe that Black Lives Matter. “This is not a political issue; it is a human rights issue and one we all have a duty to address.”

And just in case you were not sure how you should feel about these things… They made sure to let you know with this statement in the letter:

“As our country reckons with racial injustice, we all must consider our role and our failures and commit to meaningful action. There is no place for racism – not in Scouting and not in our communities. Racism will not be tolerated.”

The Boy Scouts are leading the way setting a fine example for those who believe it’s never too late to reassess your values. It took a lot for them to admit they were not as brave as they should have been in the past but said that as scouts, “we must always stand for what is right.”

Check out the Eagle Scout’s perspective on this issue in the video below, then let us know what you think about this in the comment section… Make sure to click the “Follow Us” link below to receive regular updates and LIKE US on Facebook!  Like Us On Facebook!

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