Active Shooter

BREAKING: Active Shooter 3 Police Officers Shot

Multiple police officers have been shot in Texas and are dealing with a man who has barricaded himself.

About 20 minutes outside of Austin in the town of Cedar Park, Texas the police responded to a call… The kind the liberals want to send social worker on to hug people… And multiple police officers were shot. Several ambulances are on the scene.

The shooting is taking place at a home just off of Natalie Cove and police are asking that people avoid the Bagdad Road area just south of Leander High School.

Several area law enforcement agencies are on the scene along with multiple Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams… Something else the liberals want to defund and remove from the toolbox of law enforcement officers nationwide…

Witnesses nearby are reporting that they have heard several gunshots and the police want everyone living in the neighborhood to shelter in place.

UPDATE: The Cedar Park Police Chief is reporting that three officers were shot and that all three are in stable condition.

The situation is ongoing and we will provide updates as available…

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