BREAKING: Giuliani Turns Hunters

BREAKING: Giuliani Turns Hunters Hard Drive Over To Delaware State Police After Appalling Discovery

Rudy Giuliani has announced that he has turned his copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive over to the Delaware State Police after an appalling discovery. During an appearance on the Greg Kelly Show on Newsmax Rudy Giuliani revealed that he surrendered his copy of Hunter’s laptop hard drive over to the Delaware State Police because it contains pornographic images of underage girls and inappropriate text messages.

In anticipation of the liberal media trying to discredit his claims, Giuliani revealed a text message that corroborates his statement during the Newsmax interview. According to the text sent to Hunter’s sister-in-law, he FaceTimed a 14-year-old girl numerous times while high on crack and naked.

This announcement comes at the same time a new photo of Joe Biden meeting with his son Hunter’s cash cows from Kazakhstan is released adding to the evidence that Joe Biden did discuss his son’s business dealings with him and met with his business associates paying him millions.

The photo below shows Joe and Hunter with Kenes Rakishev (left) and Kazakhstan’s former Prime Minister, Karim Massimov (right). The photo was first published in 2019 on a Kazakhstani anti-corruption website.

BREAKING: Giuliani Turns Hunters

It is also being revealed that the $3.5 million Hunter Biden received from the former Mayor of Moscow’s wife, Yelena Baturina, was so he could launder the funds into the United States to avoid sanctions according to emails received from Hunter Biden’s associate Bevan Cooney who is serving a prison sentence.

It looks like the walls are closing in on the Biden crime family and closing in fast!

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