BREAKING: Investigators Release Shocking Details On Jacob Blake Shooting

Investigators have released shocking details on the Jacob Blake shooting in Wisconsin.

The details released by the Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul are details that the public should have waited on before looting and burning down their city.

According to the Wisconsin Attorney General Jacob Blake has admitted to having a knife when the police shot him and that he had been shot with an electric taser before fighting with the police officers and then trying to flee the scene with three young children in his car.

The Attorney General said during his press conference that the incident is still under investigation because the policies mandate more than one independent investigation be conducted.

Given the details released at this point though it is unlikely that the police officers will be charged with any wrongdoing based on the following facts that are now known.

Mr. Blake was resisting arrest, was impervious to being phased by the electric taser, had a deadly weapon in his hand, specifically a knife, and tried to flee with three young children in the car.

The police officer had every right to use deadly force when confronted with those facts and given the condition of Mr. Blake, he would have posed a threat to the three young children in the car…

Some may dispute the number of times the police officer shot Mr. Blake but there is little doubt at this point, especially given Mr. Blakes’s own admission that he was armed, that the use of deadly force was justified.

While Mr. Blake has survived this use of force incident, others have been killed as a direct result of the mob that has destroyed the city and countless others have been injured… And all because a police officer justifiably used deadly force… This sort of conduct MUST be stopped…

It’s their city though… They are the ones that have to do without the restaurants, grocery stores, and other services they have destroyed under the guise of seeking justice…

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